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Welcome to DabHand Accounting, Chartered Accountancy Services in Ealing, West London

We are not your ordinary accountancy practice. 

When we set out, we didn’t want to be just any old accountancy firm, but a brilliant one. We did our research with the sole aim of offering the best possible service for our valued clients, to go the extra mile, to build a relationship and to help them not only financially but emotionally too. Money worries are one of the most stressful things anyone can go through. We understand that it’s not just about your money, but it’s about you, your family and your business. So our aim is to transform your financial situation with expert advice, and in the process, change your life.


Chris Darby

My name is Chris Darby, Cambridge graduate and the founder and owner of DabHand Accounting. With over 30 years of accountancy experience, I am here to help you achieve your dream of business success and the peace of mind that comes hand-in-hand with knowing your finances, giving you the time and freedom to enjoy life. With our brilliant client service which is second to none, we can turn your finances around.

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Do you need someone to turn a DabHand to your business? Our clients include individuals, sole traders, start-ups, and large companies employing hundreds of people. We specialise in helping businesses of all sizes achieve their full potential. We help business owners who are struggling with their numbers, get to understand them and act on them, which in turn allows their businesses to flourish while reducing their tax burden. 

We like to get to know all our clients, and throughout our relationship we help them make the best decisions. We know how complex, difficult and stressful your life and financial situation can be.

At DabHand accounting we offer a full range of not only accountancy but also business services and advice.

Why not give us a call or send us an email, or use the contact form on our website to book a free consultation.


Why Choose DabHand Accountancy

  • We care about our clients and enjoy watching their businesses succeed beyond their wildest dreams.
  • We want to make sure that our clients have everything they could possibly need to achieve success: emotional support, insightful analysis, exceptional business acumen and results that speak for themselves.
  • Along with regular accountancy services, we also offer business advice and insights which can transform your business. We can monitor your business performance, see what areas need improving and what can be done about them. With our help you can finally reach your goals and objectives…
  • …and if one of those is to work fewer hours so you can spend more time with your family, we’ll help you get there. Because life’s not all about work, is it?
  • We can analyse your business performance and compare it to your competitors, and with this knowledge we can give you the edge.
  • We can help you to make the most out of your business, your finances and your free time.


Services We Offer:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Management Accounting
  • Tax advice
  • Tax compliance and planning
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Advice on finance policy and strategy
  • Financial directorship
  • Business growth services
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Business planning
  • Benefits of kind
  • Payroll Services


See how DabHand Accounting can help you take control of your financial affairs and much more.

As one would expect from an Oxbridge Classics graduate, Chris's intelligence shone through. What I didn't expect was how helpful and supportive he was, and Chris became something of a mentor for me throughout my time at Price Waterhouse Coopers.

David Ordman

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