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Who are DabHand?

Who are we?
We have been helping business owners for over 15 years

Seeing our clients grow and enjoy their business is at the heart of our values. Watching a hard working owner struggle with the pressures of their business and the impact on their personal life is all too common. Many owners just don’t know how our insights can benefit them and their business until they talk to us.

We founded DabHand Accounting with the vision of enabling business owners to make their accounts more valuable and get underneath their numbers. Understanding the numbers and acting on them enables rapid growth and less tax. We of course ensure they comply with their legal responsibilities.

Our founder, Christopher Darby, is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He qualified at Price Waterhouse 30 years ago. Following that, he worked as finance director and head accountant in different industries- BAT (Multinational), Dream Group (Recruitment), and Lifeforce Immune System Bank Plc (Regenerative Medicine).