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Whether you are looking to grow your business, make an acquisition or raise finance, you need a savvy Financial Director to assist you with strategic decisions with the figures that stack up.

In our experience, vast number of SME’s could save significant amounts of money by sourcing an external Financial Director at a fraction of a cost of employing one on a full time basis.

As Financial Director we can drive your business forward by advising you on the building blocks of sustainable growth, how to improve profit, attract investors or even how to buy or sell a business.

Additionally, we give you that extra emotional support and a shoulder to lean on whilst taking care of the following:

How Our External Financial Directorship Service Can Benefit Your Business

Our external financial directorship service can provide valuable financial expertise and guidance to businesses of all sizes. 

Managing finances is an essential aspect of running a successful business. As a business owner or manager, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of your company’s financial position and performance. However, not everyone has the necessary skills and expertise to manage financial matters effectively. That’s where an external financial directorship comes in.

An external financial director is an outsourced financial management service that provides businesses with a qualified financial expert to oversee their finances. Read about the benefits of using this service and see how it can help your business grow.


Benefits of Using an External Financial Director Service

  1. Access to Expertise: One of the significant advantages of using an external financial director service is that you get access to expert financial guidance, which is invaluable for any business. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in managing finances for all types of businesses, so we can provide you with valuable insights and advice on how to improve your business’s financial performance.
  2. Cost-Effective Solution: Hiring a full-time financial director can be expensive, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, who might not have the budget for one. By hiring us to take on this role, you only pay for the services you need, so you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with hiring a full-time employee.
  3. Increased Efficiency: We can help businesses streamline their financial processes, leading to increased efficiency. We can identify areas of your business that require improvement and suggest changes that save you time and money.
  4. Strategic Planning: We can work with business owners and managers to develop a strategic financial plan. This plan can help you to achieve your financial goals and objectives, and ensure that you stay on track to meet them.
  5. Improved Cash Flow Management: As you know, cash flow is critical for any business. Our financial directorship can help your business improve its cash flow management by identifying areas where cash flow is tight and developing strategies to improve it.
  6. Reduced Risk: We can help you mitigate financial risks by identifying potential risks and developing strategies to manage them effectively. We can also guide you on financial compliance, ensuring you comply with financial regulations and laws.


Make Sure You Choose The Right Financial Directorship Service

Finding the right external financial directorship service is crucial to ensuring your business gets the financial guidance it needs. Here’s why DabHand Accounting’s financial directorship service is the right choice:

  1. Experience: We have extensive experience working with all kinds and sizes of businesses. We understand the specific financial challenges that your business faces, and we can provide you with all the relevant advice and guidance.
  2. Qualifications: Our staff have all the necessary qualifications and certifications to offer expert financial advice and guidance.
  3. Communication Skills: These are essential when it comes to financial management. We have excellent communication skills and can explain financial matters in a way you can understand.
  4. Flexibility: We are able to adapt to your business’s changing needs. Our flexible service gives you all the financial guidance you need, regardless of how your business evolves.



Q: How much does an external financial director service cost? 

A: The cost of an external financial director service depends on various factors, such as the size of your business, the services you need, and the duration of the engagement.

Q: Do you work remotely, and how does this work? 

A: Yes, we work remotely, using online collaboration tools and video conferencing to communicate with clients. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that are located in different regions or countries.

Q: How often will you provide financial reports?

A: This will depend on the specific engagement and the needs of your business. Some businesses may require weekly or monthly reports, while others may only need quarterly or annual reports. 

Q: How long does an engagement with your financial directorship service typically last?

A: The length of the engagement will depend on the specific needs of your business. Some businesses may only need short-term financial guidance, while others may require ongoing support. We offer flexible engagement options, so however long you use our services is entirely up to you. 

Get in touch with DabHand Accounting today for a free consultation, and see how, with the help of our financial directorship service, your business can achieve financial success and grow beyond your wildest dreams.